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Why Us | Pearl Ceylon Holidays

Opening you to the ‘value experience’ in travel – Pearl Ceylon!

We are destination specialists in Sri Lanka with a firm reputation as an authentic & reliable Service Provider. Our meticulously thought out services include transportation, accommodation, planning, drawing-up of itineraries and providing excellent well-informed guides who relate the stories the way they are, with insight and understanding. Our clients will not just be informed; rather, they will be allowed to bask in the glow of knowledge. Our guides are as intrepid as you would want them to be, or as laid back and relaxed as you select to be.

Our Service Personnel not only know of places, sights and spots, but they care as well. Sustainability is not a buzzword with us, we live the idea and our concept is to keep it that way for the travelers in the future.

The experience for the traveler is one or several and dependent on the fancy of the traveler, the time at their disposal and the joys that connect their inner being with the locale they choose to pass by. The Pearl Ceylon experience is never prescribed but it is nurtured. It does not belong in a tourist package that is offered. The experience is crafted around you, the traveler. But first, the traveler needs to be understood. This is where Pearl Ceylon places its greatest emphasis.

Our Team -
The people at Pearl Ceylon knows the country, because of being of it. The authenticity that they bring within the scope of the travelers’ experience is as real as the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, sensations, flora and fauna and the comely people in a breathtakingly versatile land.