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Wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is acclaimed as a fast developing tourist destination.

Wedding in Sri Lanka - Make the dream of that most important day of your life a reality!! Ceremonialize your wedding and spend an unforgettable honeymoon in this tropical remarkable country of Sri Lanka. See the desire of your heart being fulfilled, be it a stunning beach wedding beside the gentle ripple of the Indian Ocean, followed by a display of fireworks or a garden wedding amongst multi-colored flora underneath the bright blue sky or even a luxurious ceremony in the grandeur of a star class hotel with sit-in dinners. Buffets, too, of one's choice can be provided at an affordable price.

Traditional Sri Lankan wedding consisting of cultural dances with drummers accompanying the bride and groom in to the reception hall of the hotel is a not-to be-missed event. Bride and groom arriving in horse carriages or on elephant back is yet another unique experience! Everlasting memories of your honeymoon can be arranged by the beach or drinking in the cool fresh air of the mountains. Safaris, water sports, hiking or other recreations of your choice can be made available.

This package is not only for the couple but can also include the guests as well. Arrangements can be made to visit different parts of this widely acclaimed beauteous country to view places of tourist attractions.

Sri Lanka -
Unless you visit Sri Lanka, you will not know the value of this beautiful island. Marco Polo once said “Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the most beautiful island in the world”. Some call it “Paradise on Earth” and others call it “Birds Paradise”

Price - At your request, we will prepare the cost of your tour based on your requirements. Rates vary from season to season, class of hotels and number of guests. Kindly provide us with more details of your travel to enable us to prepare a detailed itinerary for you to have a memorable tour of Sri Lanka.

* If you wish to customize a tour package to your requirements, our local travel experts at Pearl Ceylon are happy to customize the ideal itinerary for you.

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Wedding In Sri Lanka