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Education and Research Tour | Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan history goes back to the pre-Christian era and one of the oldest civilizations in the ancient world. Many kings have ruled the country. History and archaeology have been one of the most important subjects for undergraduates.

Sri Lanka can be considered as the oldest practicing Buddhist country in the world. The study of Buddhism and Buddhist history are common with the Asian tourists.

Sri Lanka is also considered as a hotspot for biodiversity. International media such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Discovery Channel always give publicity for Sri Lankan biodiversity.

Sri Lankan Tea and Gems are considered as the world's best.


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Recommended Study Tours

Archaeology - Anuradhapura(UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sigiriya(UNESCO World Heritage Site), Polonnaruwa(UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Biodiversity - Sinharaja - Rain Forest(UNESCO World Heritage Site), Study of Flora(Herbel and Meditional Plants), Fauna(Endemic Species), Birds(Migratory Birds), Fish(Rare Fish), Reptiles(Venomous Snakes)

Education - Balangoda Man(Pre Historic Era), Sri Lanka Tea Industry(Best Drink after Water), Sri Lanka Gems Industry(World's Best Precious Stones), Water Management(Sri Lankan Speciality)

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