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Tour Guides in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is acclaimed as a fast developing tourist destination.

Tour Guides - Professionally trained guides, the best in the industry, having the ability to converse in many languages are at your disposal.

Experienced chauffeurs will skillfully take you through the narrow winding roads of the hill country as well as the express way along the coast.

Tourist guides provide the visitor with in depth knowledge in their mother tongue, smoothing creases and wrinkles that is bound to occur while touring a foreign country for the first time. It is best to choose a tourist guide who had been professionally trained, authorized and approved by Sri Lanka Tourist Board, who are categorized as National Tourist Guides or Chauffer Tourist Guides. The National Tourist Guides caters to a large group of tourists traveling in luxury coaches driven by reserved drivers while Chauffer Tourist Guides would be guiding small groups conveyed in small vans and luxury cars.

Sri Lanka -
Unless you visit Sri Lanka, you will not know the value of this beautiful island. Marco Polo once said “Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the most beautiful island in the world”. Some call it “Paradise on Earth” and others call it “Birds Paradise”

Price - At your request, we will prepare the cost of your tour based on your requirements. Rates vary from season to season, class of hotels and number of guests. Kindly provide us with more details of your travel to enable us to prepare a detailed itinerary for you to have a memorable tour of Sri Lanka.

* If you wish to customize a tour package to your requirements, our local travel experts at Pearl Ceylon are happy to customize the ideal itinerary for you.

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