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Aurvedha "The science of life" has been practiced by the Sri Lankans for more than 3,000 years. It is not only a medical practice but is also a way of life. A gentle method of treating root causes of illnesses in the mind and body using herbals, yoga, massage, meditation and dietary system completes the ayurvedic treatment. It is used to preserve ones health and also to cure bodily affected diseases. It revitalizes the body and mind giving extra energy and strength for a healthy life and to counteract the stress of life faced by many.

The duration period of Ayurveda treatment varies from one week to three months depending on the individual’s needs. Terminal illnesses such as cancer have been known to be healed and cured using this treatment. The elite of the world seek Ayurvedic medicine in star class hotels or at Ayurveda resorts that are blended with nature.

Location : Colombo, Galle, Negombo, Cultural Triangle

Time Period : 1Day, 1/2 Day, 1 Hours, 1/2 Hours


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