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Kalpitiya - Puththalama town is a fast growing tourist attraction due to it's location. Sandwiched between the deep lagoon of Puththalama and the Indian Ocean, where Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and Dolphins being a spectacular sight, draw the tourists to this peninsula consisting of 14 islands. These rare islands have been ear marked for world class tourist hotels. Most of the corporate sector visit the Kalpitiya islands for it's recreation and team building activities.

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Puththalama is located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. It is famous for energy production, salt, coconut cultivation and fishing. It has one of the largest lagoons in the country.

The history of Puththalama dates back to the arrival of Prince Vijaya, nearly 2500 years ago, when his vessel washed ashore to "Thambapani" which is located on the north side of the Puththalama lagoon. The name "Puththalama" may be a modification of the Tamil word Uppuththalam. Of which Uppu means salt, and Thalam means salt production zone, thus evolved into the name Puththalama