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Adam’s Peak (The Sacred Footprint of Sri Lanka) is located in a beautiful area of the southern hill country. This lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries and been a focus for pilgrimage for more than 1000 years. Adam's Peak is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain located in the central Sri Lanka. A 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit, which in Buddhist tradition is held to be the footprint of the Lord Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Shiva and in Islamic and Christian tradition that of Adam, or that of St. Thomas. The mountain is most often scaled from December to May. During other months it is hard to climb the mountain due to very heavy rain, extreme wind, and thick mist.

The pilgrimage season runs from Unduwap poya (December) to Wesak poya Festival (May), reaching its peak mid-season at Medin poya. At this time, there is a constant stream of pilgrims & the top can get very crowded. The busiest period is during January to February.

The climb is still quite possible in the off season too. However since the path is not lit in the off season you will need a torch at night. It often rains here in the afternoon, especially in the off-season.

Location : Hatton

Time Period : 4 - 5 Hours


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