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Transportation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is acclaimed as a fast developing tourist destination.

Transportation in Sri Lanka - We make travelling an ultimate pleasure by providing you with comfort in transportation, be it by air, land or sea as you require. Helicopters, sea planes and luxury coaches all combine to take you to any desired destination in any part of the island.

Although Sri Lanka is small in size, travelling around the island can be frustrating and time consuming at times. The country’s narrow roads, congested with pedestrians, cyclists and trishaws make travelling difficult. However, once you leave the hustle and bustle of Colombo, you can enjoy many scenic drives around the coastal line or in the hill country. Sri Lanka is beautiful and even though small in size, offers visitors many travel options.

We believe that you will discover Sri Lankans to be among the most courteous and friendly people in the world. But Sri Lanka will not be rushed and a genial, relaxed service is not always a rapid one. There is no advantage in deliberately causing people to lose face.

Sri Lanka -
Unless you visit Sri Lanka, you will not know the value of this beautiful island. Marco Polo once said “Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the most beautiful island in the world”. Some call it “Paradise on Earth” and others call it “Birds Paradise”

Price - At your request, we will prepare the cost of the tour based on your requirements. Rates vary from types of transport to number of guests. Kindly provide more details on your travel to enable us to prepare a detailed itinerary to have a memorable tour of Sri Lanka.

* If you wish to customize a tour package to your requirements, our local travel experts at Pearl Ceylon are happy to customize the ideal itinerary for you.

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