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World's one and only orphanage for elephants was established in Sri Lanka some years back at Pinnawala, en route to Kandy. The orphanage protects and cares for old, sick and abandoned elephants and calves. They are treated by expert veterinary surgeons specializing in this field. There are 69 elephants and calves housed at Pinnawala. The most notable sight being the calf elephant which lost one of it's legs to a land mine. Taking them for a bath to the nearby river and their feeding have become a great attraction to the visitors.

Sri Lanka also has established an orphanage for baby elephants named "Elephant transit camp" at Udawalawe where nearly 24 calves are sheltered and cared for by the department of wildlife. After a few years, when they are ready, these calves are released to the wild to mingle with the other elephants. Most of these baby elephants are sponsored by overseas elephant lovers and given the name of the sponsor’s choice.

10.00am each morning and afternoon 14.00pm the animals are walked 400 meters to the river Maha Oya for a two-hour bath.

Between 16.30pm and 18:00pm in the evening, the animals are taken to their stalls and tethered for the night.

Location : Pinnawala

Time Period : 1 - 3 Hours


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