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Most business men opt for city tours during their stay in Sri Lanka. Regular tour of Colombo, Galle and Kandy are organized to meet their needs. Colombo being the capital of Sri Lanka houses many business establishments, museums, national achieves and parks. Kandy and Galle are world heritage sites where the visitor is able to become familiar with the charm and culture with these cities in its matchless form. Negombo and Nuwara Eliya as a one night stop enables the tourists to observe sea fishing and view plantations.


Sri Lanka is a one stop shop for all shop lovers of all ages. Many government produced products in Sri Lanka are exported to western countries. A wide selection of clothing ranging from designer wear, winter clothing, sportswear and exquisitely designed handlooms are obtainable at competitive prices. Gems - world’s best precious stones such as blue sapphire, red rubies and yellow quartz are gemmed from Sri Lanka - the land of gems. These exquisite gems of various sizes and different varieties are guaranteed precious and genuine by the gem corporation of Sri Lanka.


World’s best Tea are locally grown ozone friendly are available in many varieties. Tea is grown and manufactured in the flourishing hillside of the country. Caters to the diverse markets of the world. Black, Green, Herbal, Flavoured, medicinal and silver tip tea from Sri Lanka is guaranteed to meet your required taste.


Sri Lankan spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, pepper etc. are hygienically grown products produced to satisfy the needs. These spices used for medicinal, cosmetic, perfumes and deodorant purposes are grown in relation’s gardens in the country.

Cottage Industries

These national industries includes cane products, pottery, iron and brass ware, hand loom material, shell products, jewelled meets to protect elephant dung and local nuts. Many more cottage industries helps the self-employed to meet their daily requirements and it is a community based industry

Location : Colombo, Galle, Kandy

Time Period : 1Day, 1/2 Day


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